Hustle Til Heaven clothing 2021(custom snapback caps/facemasks) summer debut

Independent clothing designer R.Sprawling, better known as “Bread” is releasing his 2021 summer debut apparel debut with Hustle til Clothing custom snapbacks and facemask. I quote ” safety will never go out of fashion, so we at Hustle Til strive for creating fashion with a purpose. Our fashionable facemasks and snapback sets ensure safety in these protective times, with a accomodation of style. We are a small brand, but our goal is to be the biggest brand this decade. Join us at H2H and experience our dream with us. Look out for exclusive offers and free gifts just for subscription to our email database. Remember the “HUSTLE” stands for “How U Survive Through Life Everyday”, we all have a hustle, let’s embrace it as one!

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Da Gingerbread Man bio

Born in Brinkley, Arkansas a small town just miles south of Little Rock, Da GingerBread Man has became the self proclaimed “King of Arkansas” and “Ya Fav Rappers Fav Designer”. This breakthrough artist holds two hats as Hustle Til Heaven clothing CEO and clothing designer, and Million Dollar Swag Ent. premiere artist. Hustle Til Heaven entertainment is locked and loaded for the release of Da’ GingerBread Mans debut project “Ya Fav Rappers Fav Designer”. The Duh Duh world premiere video is directed by newly acquired talent “Drae” and has cameo from business partner and breakthrough artist Millie Mittinz. Da GingerBread Man quotes, “I try to make all my music in “movie-mode”, hustle til videos are like mini movies, you are put into the situation as if you were there… “Available” on iTunes and July 4.

Million Dollar Swag Entertainment was founded by Da’ Gingerbread Man in May of 2009, after being released from Houston, Texas’ City Jail. Da’ Gingerbread Man does not have a criminal record, but after running into a childhood friend, who was being charged for drug possession, he was motivated to began a business venture that would keep him out of jail. Da’ Gingerbread Man debuted his emergence on the music scene with new single “Cover Girl”. Cover Girl was recorded at C3E studios by “Beat King” who he was introduced to through a high school friend, producer “J Will”. Da’ Gingerbread Man was signed to “Beat Kings” C3E Entertainment for a short while, but later departed to focus on his own label. Da’ Gingerbread Man has also done collaboration with independent label “Diamond Mogul Ent.”, who signed him to a 2 year solo artist deal (Expiring in 2011).

Hustle Til Heaven as a network is gaining exposure and looking forward to global marketing. Da GingerBread Man is excited for the future of H2H as a clothing line and labelhutletil-ent-preent. The H2H network has a 2017 apparel debut with Hustle Til Heaven clothing, and its lead designer and artist promises to deliver like no other.

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Da GingerBreadMan releases first song of “2017” and “Blhaze Blhaze” is outside of his normal element and we like it!

Da GingerBread Man “Blhaze” audio

Da GingerbreadMan is weeks from his album debut and this clothing designer/ artist is entering 2017 with last years relationships behind him, and business ahead. Blhaze is a story about a broken relationship due to lack of communication, when theres always a cell phone away. Click link above to enjoy audio!


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Hustle Til Heaven clothing designer “Da GingerBread Man” set to release independent album #YFRFD “Ya Fav Rappers Fav Designer”

The new year has arrived and press machines and packaging are the top priority for artist, Randy “Da GingerBreadMan” Sprawling. You may expect cd press and jewel cases, but running Hustle Til Heaven clothing is his main focus. CEO, designer and entrepreneur to Hustle Til Heaven clothing co, this artist has a full plate and begging for more. His day consists of order filling, logistics, marketing, sales consultation, and “oh yeah” recording as artist (Da   Gingerbread Man).

Other artist use features as a bridge to link between other artist, instead “Da GingerBread Man” wants to design your next fit. Starting out making custom apparel for artist such as “Millie Mittinz”, “Supe” of “Sauce102”, and many other  Houston artist, Hustle Til Ent. and “Da GingerbreadMan” are proud to introduce hit singles “Cover Girl” and “Duh Duh”, video out now and available on iTunes. #YFRFD is set to be released the end of January, and each hard copy will include a custom Hustle Til Heaven “shirt’ or “hat”.hutletil-ent-preent


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“King of Arkansas” Da GingerBreadMan releases debut video “Duh Duh”

Brinkley, Arkansas born artist Da GingerBread Man was raised in a small town just south of Little Rock, Arkansas. He wants to enlighten the music world with a magnified eye on the seemingly unpubli…

Source: “King of Arkansas” Da GingerBreadMan releases debut video “Duh Duh”

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“King of Arkansas” Da GingerBreadMan releases debut video “Duh Duh”

Brinkley, Arkansas born artist Da GingerBread Man was raised in a small town just south of Little Rock, Arkansas. He wants to enlighten the music world with a magnified eye on the seemingly unpublicized state. Most of the world are in tune with the early 90’s view through documentary “Banging in Little Rock”. Da’ GingerBread Man is your part 2 guide to growing up in Arkansas with dreams of being a king. Join us in the video premiere of his debut single “Duh Duh” available on iTunes July 4.DUH DUH

World Premiere Duh Duh video- Da GingerbreadMan

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HustleTil is here! Da GingerBread Man releases new music video! “Duh Duh”

As it gets closer to the release of Da’ GingerBread Man’s debut album “Hustle Til Heaven”, the artist is beginning to release more content. Just a little over a month ago the self proclaimed “King of Arkansas” released the “Chunky Pockets” music video and feels the new release “Duh Duh” will bring the audience closer to the artist. The artist quotes “I told my mama i’ma buy her a Bentley, she said “how you gone buy me a Bentley”, I been rapping trapping moving round and mapping trying to make a miracle happen!” (Trap) is a southern term used as a “hustle” or your “lot” using a biblical sense as to earning your keep to speaking. Get use to Da GingerBread Mans hustle til lingo as it will narrow your sight on this breakthrough artist. Check out new music video “Duh Duh” via Youtube as Da’ GingerBread Man promises to keep you on your heels for the rest of the Summer!


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Who is Da GingerBread Man, What is Hustle Til?

Hustle Til promotions presents, Randy “Da GingerBread Man” Sprawling in the first official Hustle Til live stream interview. CEO, designer and artist, Da’ Gingerbread Man will explain what is Hustle Til Heaven as a movement, and why fashion and music have so much in common. He encourages all that the Hustle Til Heaven clothing line, and music are the beginning of something even larger. Hustle Til Heaven music debuts Summer 2016! Fashion is now avaliable at (follow link below for lifestream interview)


What is Hustle Til Live Stream interview


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Da GingerBreadMan releases new “In My Soup” video from Hu$tle Til Heaven lp!

Its nearly 2 months until the release of Da’ Gingerbread Mans, debut album “Hustle Til Heaven”. Million Dollar Swag Ent., and Hustle Til promotions are excited to release yet another independent music video for its break through artist. Staff closely watches its independent budget for Da’ GingerBread Mans music endeavor as he is still current CEO of the “H2H” clothing brand ( New song “In My Soup” is a track that the artist vents about the thin line between “advice and hate”! The artist explains “some people will give you shady advice just to throw you off, to slow you down, so they can catch up, in my soup”!

Its time to check out the new “In My Soup” music video from the upcoming (Hustle Til Heaven) album! Da’ GingerBread Man promises to deliver a visual movie on track, and a magic show in person, join the Hustle Til Heaven movement! @hustletilheaven on IG/                    Da GingerBreadMan “In My Soup” video



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Da GingerBreadMan debuts “Chunky Pockets” video on Youtube Valentines Day!

Da GingerBreadMan debuts the official “Chunky Pockets” video on Valentines Day. Million Dollar Swag Ent./HustleTil artist, Da GingerBreadMan is running at an unprecedented rate into 2016. Debut single “Chunky Pockets” has been silently surfacing the net for a month now with nearly all 4000 plays on Hulkshare. With nearly all 4K plays coming out of Arkansas and Texas alone, team HustleTil has seemed to surface a video nearly 33 days after its artist nationwide debut. The official Hustle Til Heaven Youtube page has a feel of a party channel starring Da GingerBreadMan as he unleashes his lyrical frustration on Houston’s hottest production teams, and screaming Hustle Til all the way. Chunky Pockets video now available on Youtube!

Da GingerBreadMan “Chunky Pockets” official video


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